The importance of project planning and tools to use

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Hey, and thank you for joining!

Last week I posted a blog revealing that by upcoming spring, I aim to release an album, so before that, I wish to release a few singles (to spread the word about an upcoming album). So, where to start? Planning is one of the main steps to implement the project. However, to follow it is vital too.

For planning, I would suggest to make a giant chart or to get a calendar where you can see all the year or the period in which you will be working. For both of the planning methods, you can use Excel. It has quite a few templates to choose from, or you can create your own, but if I were you, I would save my time using the existing one. From all the templates, I prefer calendars because it is easier visually separate weeks. After all, my tasks usually are planned weekly. However, long-term goals are also important, especially deadlines such as an album's submission to the distributor or deadline for cover art, and so on.

I would highly recommend having an early deadline in case something happens. You do not want to postpone the main event or a release itself, especially if you are working with someone else.

I would also suggest planning an upcoming week or two, hourly. It makes everything so much easier for you to see how many hours you spend working on what.

That would be it for today's blog. However, next week I will show you, guide you through, how I created one of my upcoming singles - on which I am working now, what it involves, what tools I am using to create and mix the track. I will also share a few demos and recordings of how it sounded a few weeks ago when I just created a song, and where it stands now.

Thank you for reading and until next time!

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