Promotion tips for DIY musicians

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Hey, and thanks for joining me! 

When you start releasing your songs yourself, you face a lot of unknown. Even, if you get to know about how to release it, the thought of promoting and marketing it is scary. Moreover, even if you do it, I might still be not too successful, especially if you do not have any budget to do so.


  • Social media

Post your music on social media. Do it consistently and as much as you can, the best quality you can. However, if you can not do it very often, then work on quality, make it memorable.

  • Lives

Do Instagram or Facebook lives on social media. With everything going on in the world, for now, we can't perform in real life, however, you can still perform, grow your audience on your social platforms. Even if at first you will get a few people watching it, save it. The more you perform, the more people will get engaged.

  • Music blog

Create a music blog. It could be a great platform to share your knowledge, create community, get the conversation going. It is good for collecting emails through the mailing list as well.


  • Long-term planning and preparing

Start talking about it long before the release date. Also, if you are releasing through one of the distributors such as CD baby or DistroKid, submit the song long before the actual release date which is around a month. That will help you a lot, you will have time to send your song for reviews, press release and if you're releasing on Spotify, a few days or even a week after you submit to the distributor, your song appears on your Spotify Artist account where you can pitch your song to the editorial playlists, you will just need to write what instruments where used, the genre of the song and a few other details.

  • Social media

It is very important, especially now to connect with other people, especially potential listeners. To do so, the easiest way is through social media and platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok and Youtube. These platforms are the most popular, everyone is using them. On Instagram and Facebook page, you can create the post that you can promote for the money and its completely up to you how much you wish to spend. Instagram promotion is a little bit easier because it can choose automatically to what people they will promote the post which will be similar than your audience. For Facebook promotion, you will need to choose the audience - their age, place where they live, hobbies and etc. It is good, however, if you are not completely sure who your audience is, I would choose Instagram. Although even if Instagram is easier to use, don't need to think too much about targeting the audience, it does not show as many statistics to who the promotion reached which I think would be useful. Facebook show almost everything. People of what age were reached the most, how many people from what regions were reached and more.

  • Blog and Magazines

Find blog and magazines who could write about your single. To be honest, when you are starting all by yourself, it is hard to find people who would do that, however, a few yes are very important.

  • A few different versions of a song

Do a different version of a song or a remix. It also reveals how good the song is. Usually is the song is great, it will sound brilliant in any different style or approach taken.

  • Music video

Do a music video. However, must mention that the video should end up being good. It should enhance the song, not to diminish it's already created sound. There are some music videos that just make the listener not to come back to the song again and there are some videos that make the song viral. Even sometimes when I listen to songs which music video's I've seen, I remember, imagine parts from the videos and those parts are making the song sound better, adds coolness to it.