New single release announcement

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

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On the 22nd of November, I am releasing a new single! It is called 'Blooming Love' and will be available that day on all main streaming platforms from 4 pm London's time all around the world!

I've been editing the song for so long, that it finally hit the final point - now or never. Also, with all the things going around the world and the cold, rainy weather, I feel like we need some love songs, and this is what my piece is about - love. Through all the song's arrangement, I was trying to translate the feeling of it, when you are deeply in love, and I do hope I nailed it.

The song was written, arranged, performed, recorded and produced by me. Moving on to the genre, the track is a mixture of a few, mainly combining jazz and rock. It is a pretty big shift in the music genre for me. However, I feel like it will work well as a transition since my next single will sound blues/jazz alike. To do the production for this song, I used Logic Pro X. The vocal was recorded using Neumann U87 Ai. For the piano recording, which I did as an audio, I used direct input - directly plugging the keyboard to the interface.

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