My songwriting creative process

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I feel like every songwriter's creative process is very distinctive. That's why I thought, why not to share my songwriting process with you? Also, don't miss out on my tips for songwriters by the end of this post!

Lyrics or chords first?

Most of the times, the best songs end up written when I first write some instrumental, especially using piano, or just find very beautiful chords that inspire creating some vocal melodies. Usually the vocal memory easily comes to my mind and if chords and melody fit well together, lyrics come out automatically.

Songwriting book

I find it really important to have a songwriting book or journal where I can put all the information about just written music.

First of all, I write down the chords and if I play some melodic fragments, I write them down as well. I used to use notations, however past 2 years been writing notes in letters, even though I know notation very well. I just got used to it. And moreover, it's great when you don't have notation sheet on your hand, you can just use any type of sheet then.

Another very important step, always record your music. I do it al the time. Only do not record something if I am 100% sure that I won't forget.

My recommendations for songwriters

1) Make songwriting a habit. Write as much as you can, however, most importantly, do it regularly. It is an actual still that you gain from doing.

2) Better write out of the feeling. It does really make a different when it's forced and when it's real, especially if the song is about something genuine.

3) Don't be scared to experiment in term of the musical genres and lyrical themes. Some lyrics, even the most ridiculous ones make a great song, and if it's hilarious, it will for sure make it memorable.

4) Ask for a feedback and be open to the suggestions. Even people, who seem not to know much about music, listen to it. Almost very person could be your potential listener and listeners do hear songs from the different perspective than you do. It is

5) Before you write - get inspired. Listen to your favourite artists, watch inspiring movie or just create comfy environment.

6) All the words are already in you, you just need to find the way how to let it out. Sometimes you need emotions to help it push outside, but sometimes you need just to relax and do not force it.

Above, you can see and extract from by songwriting book. It is not too clean, most of the times it is a little bit messy, however, I always understand it, and it contains very important details such as recording name, chords, melodical details and lyrics.

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