My first music blog! Why did I decide to write?

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Hey, and thanks for joining me!

As you might now, I am a singer-songwriter based in the UK, Cornwall who is dreaming to release her first album. So the time has come - I will be releasing it in upcoming spring! Hence, I've decided to take you with me on this journey!

I believe there are so many people with similar dreams and I haven't noticed any creators writing a blog about their first steps going into the music industry or openly journaling their step-by-step process making an album. Besides that, I will also do my research and practice to be able o share informative opinion!

It is always scary to start something new, especially to do it in public, however, we are all here to learn. And I wish to encourage you to not be scared to do what you love. Just do it! Listen to the feedback, if it's constructive, and do not take it personally!

So what does a process towards releasing an album include? Is it reachable? What to do to reach it and how? Moreover, how to do it with a small amount of money, if anything at all? There are so many questions that it's overwhelming, however, I already have a few singles released therefore I believe that I can help you! I will do my best to be very direct and honest about how it is, even if I make mistakes and do something wrong. However, fails are just lessons for us to learn and move on. So, from upcoming Monday, every week, I will be posting blogs about my development in songwriting, composition, recording, mixing, mastering, singles and later an album releases, their marketing, promotion and more! All I already know and learnt will be put into this blog, so if you are interested, please, do subscribe!

This blog is not only me sharing my experience and knowledge, but it is a certain form of journaling for me to keep track of my massive project which I know will be hard to handle!

And if there is anyone, who knows more about any of the topics that I will be talking about, please, share it with me and others! It's all about communication, sharing ideas, knowledge, experiences and learning from each other!

Thank you for reading! Until the next time!

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