An artist's statement: Why am I writing an album in feminism?

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

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For those who do not know me, I am a self-produced and a self-released songwriter who will be releasing her first album this year which will be focusing on one main concept/movement - feminism. However, I wish to include all the women in it. Though I am a white female, I do hope a story of women of colour, queer women, disabled women and all the other, not mentioned yet women stories, without putting one group or another first.

Moreover, I wish to make it clear that trans women are women and, they do not own anyone femininity, nor masculinity, nor anything else. They should not be expected to act in a certain way as well as any other woman. Women could do way more, make a world a better place if there was no competition between them, nor a need or a wish to bring other women down, especially if we get jealous if we feel down and the idea that someone is doing well makes us intimidated.

Yes, feminism has many issues, especially women trying to state: 'I am not that kind of the feminist, I am better! It should not be like that. I do understand that feminism movements of minorities bring those minorities together, though, it also makes women resist and stand against each other, especially when they stand for different feminism types and groups. Women become angry at each other, declare that their type of feminism is better.

Yes, I do understand that feminism came from white heterosexual women ideas, and mainly talking about their issues. Though imagine, if there were no fights between all those groups, women would unite. All the women, no matter where they are from, no matter what their religion is, no matter what is their size, their cultural background, their status in society and so on. That would unite women so much. The world would be a better place. And, I do understand as well, that if all women with their differences unite, they all would not relate with each other completely at first. But that's where respect comes from, where deeper appreciation comes of those differences and their issues that we might not get at first comes from. We - women, are smart. Why can't we teach each other about the differences and embrace them?

I do know that it is hardly possible, but if women truly wish to unite, to finally be equal, treated equally, we women should work better in communicating, respecting and embracing each other differences first.

I could talk a lot about how women are mistreated by men, society, the music industry, etc. But, as long as we - as women are scattered into pieces, shouting our truths out loud in chaos (all these truths are important, but we do not listen to each other), how can we seek for peace and equality, when we between each other, do not have that, when we bring each other down?

Thank you for reading, and until the new time! If I made any mistakes or you do not agree with me, please tell me, I would be happy to discuss or correct myself. Thank you!

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