Femininity within contemporary society and music. New single's explanation.

Updated: Jan 18

Hello and thank you for joining me!

As you might have known, I am releasing another single - 'Femininity'. It was inspired by the issues in society, especially how it portrays femininity on women. According to the Cambridge dictionary, femininity is 'the fact or quality of having characteristics that are traditionally thought to be typical of or suitable for a woman' (Cambridge English Dictionary, 2020). And it sets an example as long hair. Even though society is inspired by mass media, popular culture is the one who decides what is 'suitable' for a woman. We can even see a slight shift in our society where being a strong woman does not make you less feminine. Nowadays, it is slowly reversing - a strong woman is 'new sexy'.

However, still, from most of the things that we consume nowadays, ever since we are minors, we are put into the gender roles and taught rules about how women supposed to act, for example, be delicate, polite, emotional, dress feminine, be children carer, while man supposed to be strong, competitiveness, show fewer emotions.

All of it is highly problematic. These frames are made by patriarchy and are put on us by society. So not only do men add themselves to gendering others, but women as well. For men, if they fail to be strong, some of them choose to suicide (if they are more emotional, but society is neglecting that and not helping them). Moreover, most of them hurt themselves quietly because it is not a norm for men to talk about emotions, issues they are having, or even to have those issues in general.

Therefore some people are scared to appear less feminine or masculine because of the old-fashioned views of society. It comes from times when LGBTQ was not known by everyone in society, which is the opposite nowadays.

Since kids are young, they are thought-about gender roles, and they should act depending on their gender, for example, if you are a boy, you have to be strong, while for girls it is 'good' to look fragile, act sensitive. Even now, there is a stigma that if a guy can't run fast enough or is not strong enough, kids bully him at school, college saying: 'he fights, runs 'like a girl'. And it is just showing an understanding of society that is teaching us single we are little that if you can't do something good enough, you are called a girl, 'a pussy'. So in society, being feminine and female is generally is associated with weakness.

These stigmas are so deep into our society. On top of that, women not only should perform femininity, but they are also constantly being mistreated by society, popular culture, mass media, the music industry, and so on. There are massive wage gaps and other unfair differences between sexes in terms of how society treats them. However, we have to unlearn what society taught us, and I hope we will.

Nowadays, individuals can express themselves however they wish to. But the old-time taught 'gender roles' are not allowing that to be fully explored. In the music industry, a female artist is considered to be very inspiring. However, she is also expected to be fragile, sensitive, sexual, and this is where the problems start.

Despite the gender roles, every person is and masculine, and feminine in one, where usually one of it dominates. But if you are a woman, and your masculinity is showing of more, you are considered as less of a woman, or you are getting price tags such as lesbian, bi, non-binary, trans, etc. And this is very harmful - putting an individual into a cage with a price tag according to what gender that individual suppose to perform. To call yourself in a certain way, such as bi, non-binary is okay, as long as you yourself know it is who you are, but in the music industry people as faking being bis, lesbians, it is even fetishized and this part of it is the biggest problem. It is affecting people who are truly bi, and non-binary, their identity. Moreover, no person owns the performance of their sexuality to others. Any person can express themselves however they wish, and only that one person is valid to put a tag on themselves if they wish to, to call themselves in the way they feel like they are.

Hence, because of all these issues and incorrect portraying together with expectations from sexes, putting people in the box, single 'Femininity' was born. With it, I wish to show that femininity can be and strong and empowering, and sexy when it wishes to, and brave and independent. Because the term 'Femininity' is about what suits a woman and I do strongly believe that nowadays a woman can be whatever she wishes to be, not what society is forcing on her.


Thank you for reading, and until the next time!

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