Theya is a singer-songwriter, artist and skilful piano player based in Falmouth, UK who just released her new single 'Femininity' which is about society's misconception of femininity and a right to be free, the right to own yourself, your body. Theya's goal for 2021 is to release an album. Songwriter is mainly creating in pop and electronica music genres. She is interested in incorporating house, jazz genres' elements into her practice and playing with melancholic and sad themes that are crucial to cover in today's society. The main key in her music is drawing an image of emotions through her compositions and sad and meaningful lyrics.

Theya's first single as an independent artist called 'I Opened My Heart' was played on BBC Music Introducing in Devon and Cornwall led with a great feedback. The song is about opening up to a person and being rejected, laughed at, so an actual event has driven Theya to create this emotional piece. Out of collaboration with inspiring film producer Kotryna Daraskeviciute and a dancer Agne Sotirovic helped to complete Theya's vision to express this song through emotional dance movements.

Artist's background

The real name is Teja Peleckaite who grew up in Kaunas city, Lithuania where joined 'Sacral' music school at the age 6. There she started playing piano and singing in the choir. Through the years spent in music school, she also sang in the church, learned to play organ, conducting and gained knowledge about classical and medieval music. In 2016 she joined conservatoire in her town where she learned singing in the jazz and pop department without forgetting her piano, conducting skills. After graduation an artist joined Falmouth University to study popular music. Studies inspire her to create meaningful music and focus on what is behind the sound. Also, an artist highly supports feminism and the LGBT community.