This is an official website of Theya Leroy - songwriter based in South West of England who is talking about genuine feelings, and about current problems in today's society  in her music while, at the same time blending different genres together.


Theya released feminist singles 'Femininity' and 'Women's Rights' which will be on artist's first album. The album will be released this summer/autumn and its focus is feminism, an artist aims for equality not only between sexes and genders, but between people of different cultures, religion, backgrounds as well. She aims to unite all women no matter of their background - learn from each other, respect each other and fight misogyny together.

At last, Theya started writing blogs about feminism and music, together explaining what her album will be like, about her aims and fight towards equality. There is also a blog explaining her single - 'Femininity', its concept and message. Read it here.

Check out single 'Femininity' below! The song is about society's misconception of femininity and the right to be free, the right to own yourself, your body.

Music blog is already here! Theya's creative process, new releases and more! Get to know about it first!

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Theya LeRoy - Femininity (Music Video)

Check out the newest Theya's single 'Women's Rights' below which touches on sexual assault and the importance of women's rights!

Theya LeRoy - Women's Rights

Theya LeRoy - Femininity

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Theya LeRoy - I Opened My Heart (Music Video)

Music video for I Opened My Heart single by Theya LeRoy

Editing, videography and lighting: Kotryna Daraskeviciute

Directed: Kotryna Daraskeviciute and Teja Peleckaite

Choreography and performance: Agne Sotirovic